When Staging Your Home:

The 7 step program parting ways with your old “Junk


  1. Denial

You are a frugal person. You never spend money when you don’t absolutely need to. The majority of the clothes you own are former holiday gifts and/or birthday presents.  You pride yourself on your ability to be frugal and to get the absolute most use out of everything; from your 20-year-old dishwasher to your 15-year-old water heater. The ‘H word’ has been mentioned around you once or twice, but you have never given it much thought. You merely shrug it off as if they are just jealous. By the ‘H word’ I mean Hoarder. Trust me, you don’t want to end up like this guy!


  1. Lashing Out

Your significant other or roommates have finally confronted you about your inability to get rid of your junk. You take it as a personal attack, and as if it were a character flaw. So you immediately begin to critique their wasteful habits. How they use three different cups per day or how they leave half-drunken (drunken is okay, but it sounds weird and I’d personally replace it with finished or empty/full instead) water bottles and soda can around, respecting the situation enough to not even mention the half-empty beers you find! You may hold onto things for a tiny bit too long, but hey at least you aren’t wasteful!


  1. Acceptance

Undoubtedly the most mentally challenging step in the process. Let’s face it we attach memories and stigmas to useless objects. For instance there is no reason why you or any adult should feel a special connection to a couch. Sure you have spent many wonderful relaxing hours tucked away in that La-Z-Boy, which over the years has molded perfectly to fit your body like a glove. But still you must learn to let go and say goodbye so that a new couch may be broken in. I know it’s difficult especially to get used to a new couch after all those years.


  1. Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it can be very difficult to move large pieces of furniture, ovens and televisions, especially if you do not have access to a truck. It helps to know what kind of services can be used and for how much. Good news just down road you can find a local company, 1-800-Got-Junk which specializes in junk removal. Look at the following to see what they take, and if anything may be considered hazardous waste, which you will need a more specialized service for.


  1. The Divorce

So it wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be. You had a nice company that came and took a lot of your old accumulated junk off your hands and at a pretty reasonable price. It’s actually kind of nice. You have a lot more space than you used to, and it’s actually a little relieving. Plus, now you get to try new couches!


  1. Back on the Market

The last time you shopped for a major appliance the World Wide Web was just becoming relevant. Wow! How times have changed. The internet has made shopping much less painful and less time consuming than in years past. This 21st century shopping thing might not be too bad.


  1. Closure

You got rid of all your old junk! You even purchased a few new appliances that really make you happy. Maybe it’s a water heater that gives you much better water pressure in the shower, or a much quieter dryer, or maybe you didn’t buy anything. Well congratulations you have completed the seven step program!

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